Message from the Chairman

Dear readers,


Our drive to improve people’s health is driven by our mission to provide safe and high-quality branded first generic medicines at an affordable price. Our ethics encourage us to do the right thing and are based on integrity, respect and responsibility towards our people, patients and the communities in which we operate. Our ethical and professional practices instated JOSWE Medical as a pioneering company in its field.


Today, medical professionals and patients perceive us as providers of consistent safe, quality and innovative products with profound trust. This instated JOSWE Medical at the top 10 rank among our competitors in Jordan.


I thank our dedicated and hardworking team. I appreciate their commitment to safe and quality products and devotion to quality services. My message to them remains “Take responsibility for all your actions and always look for making good things better”.


Mohammad Shahin




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About Us

Health for Life  about us

We were founded in 1996 with a mission to improving people’s health by developing safe and high-quality branded first generic medicines at affordable prices. This was at a time when a number of local and international pharmaceutical products were present in the Jordanian local market but lacked alternative non- branded products especially in the Central Nervous System (CNS) medicines.

We were the first in Jordan to manufacture quality branded first generic medicines for the Central Nervous System (CNS). We started production in 2001 at our plant in Na’ur, Jordan with CNS, Cardiovascular, and Anti-Infective medicines.

Within three years, we established our presence within the Jordan pharmaceutical industry through our dedication to quality, innovation and excellence.

More than 20 years later, we remain committed to improving people’s health, enhancing our medicines, and extending our reach to the communities in which we operate.

Core values
Every team member is important and adds value in what he or she does. We respect the individuals' capability and provide the environment for individuals to excel within our teams to achieve the company's goals and objectives.

Team Work
We are mindful of the promises we make to improve the health of people by producing alternative and advanced high quality pharmaceuticals.  A culture of integrity in what we do is how we guarantee to deliver
We aspire to improve in our products, systems and performance. Quality of product is an outcome of the quality of performance managed by total quality systems.
Joswe Medical has encouraged and provoked the minds of its team members to find solutions to problems and to approach problems as means to challenge the status quo and find innovative solutions to classical problems
Critical thinking
Respect to the stakeholders, the environment, our team and the community in which we operate. We carefully weigh the interests of all to ensure that we maintain a culture of respect.