Health for Life

For more than twenty years in Jordan and more than forty years in Africa, we remained committed to our mission: to improve people’s health by developing and providing safe and high quality branded first generic medicines at affordable prices. Today our portfolio includes 160 medicines in 13 therapeutic categories and are delivered to 20 countries within the Middle East, Africa and Europe. It is through our dedicated work and our established partnerships that we could keep true to our promise by meeting changing and emerging needs of our markets and patients.

In today’s challenging and agile global markets we are determined to keep our promise and remain committed to our mission. We understand that by evolving our business structure and building meaningful relationships in creative ways, than ever before, we can continue to deliver on our promise. Here’s how we work with our partners:

Agility: Our R&D approach allows us to be clear in our focus and responsive to our partners, distributors and markets. 

Flexibility:  We work with partners and businesses in many ways by providing unique solutions to enable collaboration and suit their market needs with safe and high quality medicines.

Creativity:  We continuously improve on our medicines while striving for excellence